Complete Grow Tent Kits for Beginners

Grow tent shopping for beginners can be complex, be we try to help make it easy, with a comparison shopping site and many blog posts related to hydroponics. Shop our Editors’ Choice for best grow tents for beginners along with the best LED grow lights & hydroponics systems to get you started, whether you are looking for the best value, or a grow tent kit.

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These are some of the most rated grow tent kits available for sale online.

What Is Included With a Complete Grow Tent Kit?

When shopping for a grow tent kit, make sure that you purchase a kit that has everything you need to start growing. 

Many times, grow tent kits can be created for different levels of growers, and not just the beginner.  We also think it is easy to use our site to compare the different pieces of equipment needed, and create your own complete grow tent kit for a beginner; and much cheaper. 

However you may have to wait a little longer for delivery from multiple sellers, and deal with multiple vendors, if not all the parts arrive on time and if you need to return any individual item in the kit.

There are complete grow tent kits for beginners sold online (and mentioned above) that come from a single seller, and who will be happy to help with any returns, questions and upgrades. 

Make sure you read the existing customer reviews, and check the shipping prices.  Amazon Prime members may like to use their FREE shipping benefit and shop the following individual products to create their own complete grow tent kit. 

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Gorilla Grow Tents

Gorilla GGT48 Grow Tent

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Complete Hydroponic Grow System Equipment Listing, To Consider

When beginning to purchase your first grow tent/grow room set up.  You should make sure that you understand all the pieces of equipment you need, as different “complete” kits can vary in their offering.

A few considerations:

  • Grow Tent – the perfect brand, the perfect size and the quality required depending on your grow space can make a difference.  Some brands let light leak through, which may not be a concern, or it may depending on your situation.

  • LED Grow Light – the best LED grow light brand, at the best value, with the right amount of light you need for your plants and the size of your grow space OR shop HID grow lights, which are historically reliable, yet costly to operate due to the heat OR shop for CMH grow lights, which do put off as much heat as the HID, yet penetrate the canopy better as you can get these closer to the canopy.  We think LED grow lights are the best for a beginner – and when using a grow tent, due to the fact they do not produce nearly as much heat, saving money, and space.

  • Grow Light Hangers – As your plants grow in your space, you will need to adjust the distance that the light is placed above the canopy.

  • DWC Hydroponic System – growing your plants in water, can help ensure that the right amount of nutrients is provided, saves on water and helps your plants grow fast.  You can select an Ebb And Flow System or a Deep Water Culture for your first hydroponic system purchase.

  • Nutrients – shop for the best brand of nutrients, as you do not want to waste any time with bad nutrients. Figuring out the mixture, is fairly simple, and there are many guides to help. (here is a guide provided by General Hydroponics, and you can see many prices from multiple sellers here)

  • Ventilation – you not only need to make sure that your plants have enough oxygen, but also you need to make sure that any smells are exhausted from your grow space, depending on the location you choose.