How to grow indoors

How to grow plants indoors.

Living in an urban environment, apartment or high rise condo makes it very limiting when it comes to gardening unless you learn hydroponics, and begin to grow indoors. With housing developments in city areas becoming increasingly smaller, most of us gardening enthusiasts end up feeling constrained in terms of our hobbies. However, none of that has to be the case any longer. Growing plants indoors has become as easy and as convenient as any other outdoor garden, especially if you have the appropriate knowledge and systems to do so. This guide will equip you with the fundamentals that you need to know about how to grow plants indoors.

#1 Starting seeds indoors
The absolute first step that you have to take for growing plants indoors is to start the seeds growing. For this process, you can pretty much use any container size. If you intend to get a multiple number of seeds going, it’s advisable for you to separate the seeds into separate rectangular containers that provide the plant with a sufficient amount of space for their roots. After all, you don’t want your plants to end up getting overcrowded.  And for those who think this sounds like too much work, you can also purchase a seedling plant at the local nursery and remove all the soil from the root system.

#2 Transitioning outdoor plants to indoors
If you already have a plant or a few herbs that you want to shift indoors, it’s important for you to be aware about allowing your plant to make the transition smoothly. Doing otherwise would cause your plant to fall into a poor state of health, and it might not make it through the sudden transition. Typically, you’ll want to shift your plants early on during fall into an area that’s brightly let and cool in temperature, preferably your daylight garage or somewhere that’s enclosed and protected from the cold temperatures. After your plants have become accustomed to the change in temperature, you can pretty much place them anywhere you want that has a daytime temperature of around 67°F.

#3 Hydroponic water culture bucket systems
The most significant thing about hydroponic water culture bucket systems is that they allow you to grow your plants at literally any time of the year and the plants grow fast. These hydroponic bucket systems are designed specifically to be able to grow plants indoors, allowing them to be protected from harsh climates, bugs and poor weather. These hydroponic deep water culture buckets provide your plants with nutrients that you add to the water, the air from a pump and photosynthesis from the sunlight or your indoor LED grow lights. These hydroponic water bucket systems can easily be made in a DIY fashion from your local hardware store items or purchased in an easy to start hydroponic system kit.  There are many indoor hydroponic garden kits on the market today and many available for under $40 – and some on sale!