Hydroponic Grow Tips


Far too many hydroponics enthusiasts end up failing for making mistakes that can be easily avoided by educating yourself. As long as you observe the following tips below, you should have pretty much little to no issue when it comes to growing your plants in a hydroponic system. These tips aren’t just focused on hydroponically grown plants; they can be applied to pretty much any other method of growing plants as well.

#1 Check your pH levels often due to plant growth phases
Plants, similar to humans, have different stages of growth that requires them to have different requirements for optimal growth. The most fundamental aspect to understand about hydroponic gardening is the soil or nutrient enriched water’s pH level, which indicates how acidic it is. Different plants have different pH level requirements, but as a general rule of thumb, keeping your pH levels around 6 would be the most ideal. The easiest way to find your hydroponic system’s ph level is to use a ph level meter (buy it now). The most common methods of adjusting pH levels is to apply potassium hydroxide if you wish to raise the pH, or to apply phosphoric acid if you wish to lower it – kits are sold to make it very easy (buy it now). Food grade citric can also be used if you want to go the organic route.

#2 Test soil or water often to make sure you have the right amount of nutrients and don’t forget your water temperature
As a general rule of thumb, you want to keep the temperature of your plant’s water grown in a hydroponic system somewhere around 70 degrees, with a margin of 5 degrees. It’s common for water to change its temperature, and you don’t want your plant to end up withering because you failed to keep its water at the right temperature. It’s important for you to keep testing your hydroponic plant’s water and ensure that the temperature is right. If it’s far too low, you may want to consider adding a heater or a cooler if it you find it warm.

#3 Use a liquid nutrient solution to ensure adequate amounts of food
All plants have a specific requirement for nutritional intake that has to be met. Having a quality liquid nutrient solution in your arsenal of hydroponic plant maintenance equipment will go a long way in taking out all the guess work when it comes to mixing the right liquid nutrient solution. Having this solution ready at your disposal will certainly make your life so much more convenient, and it will allow your hydroponic plant to get the appropriate amount of food and nutrients that it requires. After all, liquid nutrient solutions are pretty much what hydroponics are all about (buy it now).