GoGrow UFO LED Grow Lights, HPS 400W or T5 8X54W Replacement, 12 Bands Full Spectrum with UV and IR

✔Light, nutrients, CO2, water, temperature and know-how are the 6 essential factors to grow healthy plants. While grow lights are the most expensive equipments among all grow kits, that is why you need to buy from a trustworthy supplier. GoGrow never use fake power for all of our grow lights, and we always use more red leds than other over advertised high wattage grow lights;
✔Spectrum is the key to produce high PAR, UFO spectrum is 410NM(UV):430NM(UV):450NM:460NM:505NM:585NM:610NM:630NM:660NM:730NM(IR):3000K:6000K, which is mixed to produce high PAR for your plants;
✔Blue leds consume 50% more power then red leds and produce low PAR, Red leds are the key to flower dense buds and are much more expensive than blue leds, the more red leds, the more expensive the light is. Do not be mislead by over advertised high wattage LED grow lights which use lots of blue leds to make the power high and cost cheap, their light are bluish and actually waste more electricity & produce poor yield than redish grow lights;

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