Top 5 Best Grow Tents

Want the best grow tents, for 2018? Our guys surf the web, shop all the grow tent stores online, read 1,000s of reviews, and hand-pick our selection of the best grow tent 2018, for you to quickly glance.

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Check Out These Top 5 Best Grow Tent Options

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If you are planning to buy or replace a grow tent in 2018, we are going to save you time, and hopefully some money.

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Top Grow Tents To Compare By Brand

Grow tent manufacturers have begun to make so many variations of grow tents, we want to make sure you shop more than the brand we feature.

Follow these links to shop Gorilla Grow Tents, Apollo grow tents and Milliard grow tents. If you want to shop over 30 brands, shop all grow tents for sale here.

Top 5 Best Grow Tent Criteria

The best grow tents, are for a portable space, similar to a box or a room, made to help grow any plants you would like to grow within a safe and controlled environment. Grow tents have the ability to do so by creating an ideal environment specific to the plant’s needs. It can be placed anywhere in your home, from the garage, kitchen, living room, or even a small closet.

Different grow tents come with a variety of different sizes, fabrics, and features, but all generally come with lighting fixtures (we recommend adding LED grow lights), an irrigation system, and ventilation.

Features Of A Top Grow Tent

Grow tents come with a number of different features, and it is important to consider each of them, as this will help you accomplish your growing goals. Taking time to learn about your plant and its specific needs will help you find the best grow tent with perfect features. When you compare grow tents, make sure that you read real customer complaints and not just the positive reviews.

Some of the many features that grow tents have are the strength of their zippers, intensity and type of lighting, type and thickness of fabric, material and type of framing, mildew resistance, as well as size.


We found that zippers are a very important feature, so make sure that your grow tent zippers are very durable and that they keep the light in.


The poles used to hang and hold your indoor garden can come in plastic and metal versions, so depending on your plans for growing and need for durability, we suggest metal poles for longevity.

Pole Extensions

Not sure how tall your plants will be this year, then we highly recommend that you purchase a grow tent with pole extensions so that you can raise the roof, as needed.

Shipping Box Delivered

Shipping boxes can come in very discrete packaging, or very non-discrete, so make sure that you choose a company that fits your shipping needs.

Length of Warranty

We also noticed that many grow tent warranties will require you to ship the grow tent back to the manufacturer, so we recommend USA based service centers.

Who should get these grow tents?

Grow tents are often found in states that do not offer the best outdoor growing conditions, and where the growers would like to grow 365 days per year, in a controlled environment, without bugs and like to control the best growing conditions.

Many grow tents offer different sizes, so depending on whether you are looking to use it in your basement, your closet, your garage, or wherever you have space, we always recommend shopping by size.  Check out our most popular searched sizes including the 4X4 grow tent, the 3X3 grow tent and the large grow tents.