Best LED Grow Light for 2023

Finding the Best LED Grow Light for 2023

Shopping for the best LED grow light for 2023? Shopping for LED grow lights online, has never been more popular than today! And, we are working hard everyday to keep up with the fast pace, of new LED grow lights offered from across the web, including daily price updates for the best LED grow light brands.

With 1,000s of LED grow light products purchased online and so many shoppers starting their research online, we wanted to help save time, and provide access to multiple sellers in a one stop authority site, so we created our Editors’ Choice Award for the best LED grow lights.

Best LED grow light

viparspectra 450w led grow lightViparspectra 450w LED Grow LightThis is the most recent #1 Best Seller on Amazon in their Plant Growing Light Fixtures category.

• 450 Watt

• full spectrum
Galaxyhydro LED Grow Light 300WGalaxyhydro 300w LED Grow Light - see detail
This was labelled a best seller in early 2017.

• 300 Watt

• (100 3W LEDs)
Advanced Platinum 300 W LED Grow LightAdvanced Platinum 300W • 300 Watt

• (100 3W LEDs)
taotronics_12W_watt_led_grow_light_hydroponicsTaoTronics 12W LED• 12 Watt

• (12 LEDs -3 blue & 9 red))
king_led_1000wKing LED 1000W• 1000 Watt

• (100 10W LEDs)
King Plus 1800W LED Grow LightKing 1800W LED Grow Light• 1800 Watt

• Double Chips 10W LEDs
which is much brighter and efficient
than 3W and 5W LEDs
VIPARSPECTRA_600W_led_ lightVIPARSPECTRA 600W LED Grow Light• 600 Watt

• The secret to the VIPARSPECTRA LED
success is the optimal full spectrum
which provides plants Veg and Flower
all stages with everything they desire in the
natural sunlight.
Mars_Hydro_300W_wattMars Hydro 300W LED Grow Light• 300 Watt

• Energy saving with Flexible coverage:
Consuming only 132watt±10% while replace typical
150W hps or HID grow lights.

Viparspectra 450w LED Grow Lights

This is the latest best selling LED grow light on Amazon. We love this powerful LED grow light.This version is advertised to only use 136W of power, yet perfect for a 2′ by 2′ growing area at 24″ and a maximum coverage area of 3′ by 3′.

With a 3 year warranty, this model of Viparspectra LED grow light has earned the best selling status on Amazon.

Galaxyhydro 300w LED Grow Lights

galaxyhydro 300 wattThe Galaxyhydro LED grow light is perfect for indoor plant growing with a full spectrum of light including both UV and IR for Veg and Flowering phases. This 300W indoor grow light uses 100pcs 3 watt Epileds chips, which compares to traditional 250/400 watt HPS/MH while reportedly consuming only 135 watts.

The Galaxyhydro 300 watt LED grow light is approximately 12.1 inches by 8.2 inches and only 2.4 inches deep. The company states that this light is able to cover a 5 foot by 5 foot growing footprint.

Since this is a luxury priced item, we recommend that you read through existing customer reviews prior to purchasing the Galaxyhydro LED grow lights online or stop in to your favorite hydroponic store to discuss all of the pros and cons that come with experience that you can trust.

Advanced Platinum 300W LED Grow Lights

This Advanced Platinum Series 300 watt LED grow light is currently rated at 4.5 stars from over 257+ customer reviews. This LED grow light is perfect for small areas or great paired together to cover a larger growing footprint.

Advanced Platinum 300 wattThere is a selectable VEG/FLOWER switch with 2X high speed whisper quiet fans plus all new upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks.

Shipping options include the ability to select generic packaging through Amazon. Sales prices are great to compare before buying online. Check today’s price.

We recommend that you read through existing customer reviews prior to purchasing the Advanced Platinum 300W LED grow light online or stop by your favorite hydroponic store to discuss all of the pros and cons that come with experience that you can trust.

TaoTronics 12W LED Grow Light Bulbs

This smaller LED grow light bulb is a very popular seller. The company advertises that they have served over 5 million customers and we find that 1,522+ customer reviews rate this product 4.5 stars is a great leading indicator.

Taotronics 12 watt ledFor the price, this is one of the best low power consumption LED grow light bulbs on the market.

The LED grow light bulb does not generate any noticeable heat even when running 17 hours a day. The LED light bulb has both red and blue bulbs (read more about what color is best for flowering) and comes free standard E26 socket.

King LED 1000W Grow Light Plus

king plus 1800
This King Plus 1000 watt LED grow lights utilizes double chips for 10W LEDs which is reported to be much brighter and efficient than 3W and 5W LEDs.

We recommend that you read through existing customer reviews prior to purchasing the King Plus 10000W online or stop by your favorite hydroponic store to discuss all of the pros and cons with experts who have the experience that you can trust.

The King Plus series also comes in 600W, 800W and 1,200W LED packages depending on your growing needs. These are perfect for in house garden and greenhouse cultivation. With over 350 customer reviews and sale prices often advertised (see today’s best price offered by multiple sellers).

King LED 1800W Grow Light Plus

king plus 1800The King LED 1800W is also available in a 2000W (shop on Amazon) model. This model has the full spectrum of led grow light color with a spectrum similar to sunlight including red, blue, yellow, white, IR and UV. With 90% of customers giving this 5 stars, we think it is worth the time to explore more and compare before you buy 

Viparspectra 600W LED Grow Light

VIPARSPECTRA has upgraded 3.2″ front-fans for the first time plus aluminum cooling heat sinks (.8″ height) which are easy for quietly and efficiently dissipating the heat.

viparspectra for saleThe company states that these are perfect for a 3′ X 3′ growing area at 24″ height (making a maximum coverage of 4′ X 4′)

With 90% of current customers rating 4 stars or more, we think that this is worthy of listing in our Editors’ Choice Winners list. The origin of these lights is China and it weighs about 16 lbs when shipped. We HIGHLY recommend reading the existing customer reviews including the critical reviews prior to purchasing this light online or shopping at your local hydroponics store.

Mars Hydro 300W LED Grow Light

Mars Hydro has more than 7 years in the LED grow light business and has a service center in California. With 91% of existing customers providing a 4 star or better rating, we think that this is a brand worth exploring more.

Mars Hydro Mars300 LED There are sale prices often on Amazon and multiple sellers listing new and used equipment. The weight of this LED grow light is listed at 7.1 pounds (not bad). The unit is stated to be 5.43 x 10.79 x 15.91 inches and comes in white.

This product is not intended for outdoor use and to be used in greenhouse and indoor gardens. We recommend that you read the existing customer reviews, both good and critical, before you purchase your next LED grow light online.

The best LED grow lights have a great color spectrum

LED Light Colors are important. Different manufactures create their own blends of red and blue, which are the biggest contributing colors for growing healthy plants through veg and flowering phases. Red lights are great for photosynthesis.

Do LEDs have both UV and IR?

UV & IR is important for growing plants with LED.UV function sterilizes growth and kills bacteria which impacts the plants ability to produce healthy flowers. IR function promotes cell division which improves the growth in both the vegetation and flowering phases.

Intensity matters when selecting your LED grow light

Light intensity is an important factor to consider when growing via LEDs Depending on your footprint size, you may consider adding a smaller LED grow light to a large light. Also, creating an environment where you can keep the LED grow lights above the plants as they grow over time.

LED grow light temperature control benefits

Temperature can play a big role, ensure that your grow lights are well ventilated, no matter if you are growing in a hydroponic grow tent kit or large greenhouse setting. The LED lights can still produce enough heat that you need to ensure heat dissipation through the use of fans or ventilation. LED grow lights can also benefit from a longer life when paired with a cooling system.

LED grow lights support efficient growth

Daily growth schedule depends on the stage of growth your plants are in; germination, vegetative and flowering. The taller your plant grows and the further along the growth phase, will reduce the number of hours your LED lighting needs to supply; typically ranging from 17 hours, to 14 hours, to 11 hours over time.

Safety goggles or glasses are required with LED grow lights

Safety is also a big concern, make sure that you wear protective goggles when your lights are on.

What Makes Our Web site an Authority for the best LED grow light for 2019?

We have quickly become the #1 shopping destination online for everything related to growing hydroponically with a store based upon technology, not inventory. This means we do not have an incentive to include any particular LED grow light in our list, not one LED grow light is sponsored and we do not suggest a particular LED grow light brand. Our Web site is supported by advertising and no matter what LED grow light you decide to buy; we appreciate your visit to research, compare or buy.

How We Select The Best?

Our list includes only the best brands and manufactures, that can be delivered to your door, while includes over 5 customer reviews available via Amazon (we include a link to easily shop or review on Amazon), a detailed product description to review and it must have a stellar seller rated to purchase from (we are not a seller.)

Why Create A List?

Every month we have 1,000s of grow light shoppers visit our online store looking to research and quickly compare the best brands and products, before they buy online. Hence we decided to create an ever evolving list of the best and keep it up to date.

Indoor growing made easy with a grow tent and the best LED grow light

Indoor growing, whether you use a grow tent or a greenhouse, is quickly becoming the best way to grow your plants, without the worry of bugs and growing reliable and faster growing plants.We offer a large online grow shop to buy greenhouse, grow tent, hydroponic supply and grow light products for sale online, from multiple sellers.This allows you to easily review 100s of reviews for hydroponic equipment, while benefiting from the best hydroponics brands and discounted hydroponics systems on sale today.

What is the best hydroponics system for growing?

The best hydroponics system for growing indoors is a DWC, also know as a deep water culture hydroponics system.Here are a sample of our best deep water culture system for sale. We also have a section of the store dedicated to a few ebb and flow system.

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What makes us the best LED grow light store online in 2023?

Because we are a new kind of led grow light shopping site, based on technology, not inventory. To save you time, we have shopped 1,000s of LED grow lights, researched the best LED grow lights for sale, compared grow tent brands and have selected to include only the best hydroponics in our shop. Our hydroponics store online is supported by marketing and advertising, while our advertised sellers carry the inventory and offer the sale prices.