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We did not rate the following hydroponic store listings; however because we want our regular visitors to experience the best of the Chicago hydroponics store scene, we included these popular ratings, from local Chicago shoppers. 

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The best grow tent brands for Chicago growers

Grow tents are a great way to grow all year long – and faster in the summer! Grow tent manufacturers have begun to make so many variations of grow tents and we work hard to keep our grow tent marketplace up to date with the latest grow tent trends.

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LED Grow Lights Help You Grow in Chicago 365 Days a Year!

LED grow lights paired with a grow tent is a great way to grow all year long and in the summer with less worry about bugs and water!

Since LED grow lights are great at helping you grow faster in a grow tent, while also keeping a consistent temperature, they make the perfect economical choice for your hydroponic system environment. We have a large selection of grow lights for sale; however these LED grow lights really are more economical. Continue to shop and let us know if you find a better brand or would like us to add your favorite!

How many LED watts per plant?

A good rule of thumb for LED grow lights, is to plan for 32 watts per square foot of your grow space. Many manufacturers claim less or more, so please review the LED grow light manufacturer's recommended wattage to plan for or use in your growing space.

How close can LED lights be to plants?

Another good rule of thumb for how close LED lights should be placed above your plants, is that for a 240 watt LED grow light, you should plan to allow for 12 to 24 inches above the canopy. For a 450 LED grow light, you will need to plan for a little more space above the canopy, and allow for 14 to 30 inches. As your LED lights can grow plants fast, we also recommend purchasing an LED grow light hanger.

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Hydroponic Supply USA

Hydroponic Supply USA, supports local and national

Hydroponic Supply USA, is a an online hydroponic store, not physically located in Chicago, however our virtual hydroponics superstore allows our local visitors from Chicago to read reviews and find the best rated Chicago hydroponic stores, and then compare prices from multiple online sellers before driving over to your local store to shop. 

Local hydroponic stores in Chicago, typically should have friendly staff that can answer your questions, recommend products, and teach you the basics of growing hydroponically, at home or commercially. Are you a commercial grower? Check out the latest news regarding the USDA Organic Certification news that impacts hydroponic containers.

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