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Cheap LED Grow Lights Online

Cheap does not equate to poor quality. Our definition of cheapest, includes the best LED grow lights that could be on sale today, or at discounted prices.

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Cheap LED grow lights

Best Selling 300 Watt LED grow lightsVIPARSPECTRA300WFrom $89 to $159
(see today's price)
Max Coverage 3' X 3'
Compares to traditional 250 watt HPS/MH while consuming only 136 watts
Best Lowest Price LED Grow LightsROLEADRO300W
(600W available)
From $68 to $150
(see today's price)
This LED grow light simulates solar
spectrum by increasing
yellow and green lights.
Best Maxsisun LED grow lightsMAXSISUN300WFrom $108 to $160
(see today's price)
Dimmable (dual dimmers)
MDR300 compares to traditional 250 watt HPS/MH while consuming only 142 watts!
MarsHydro LED grow light most popular onlineMARSHYDRO300WFrom $80 to $200
(see today's price)
12 x 8 x 3 ft
Coverage: 2×2ft (Veg)
1.5×1.5ft (Bloom)
Full spectrum special ratios (see here)
Best GalaxyHydro LED grow lightsGALAXYHYDRO300WFrom $82 to $260
(see today's price)
Not Dimmable.
See dimmable vesion.

Cheap LED Grow Lights For Sale Under $100

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What to Look for When Buying Cheap LED Grow Lights

Do LEDs have both UV and IR?

UV & IR is important for growing plants with LED.UV function sterilizes growth and kills bacteria which impacts the plants ability to produce healthy flowers. IR function promotes cell division which improves the growth in both the vegetation and flowering phases.

Intensity matters when selecting your LED grow light

Light intensity is an important factor to consider when growing via LEDs Depending on your footprint size, you may consider adding a smaller LED grow light to a large light. Also, creating an environment where you can keep the LED grow lights above the plants as they grow over time.

LED grow light temperature control benefits

Temperature can play a big role, ensure that your grow lights are well ventilated, no matter if you are growing in a hydroponic grow tent kit or large greenhouse setting. The LED lights can still produce enough heat that you need to ensure heat dissipation through the use of fans or ventilation. LED grow lights can also benefit from a longer life when paired with a cooling system.

LED grow lights support efficient growth

Daily growth schedule depends on the stage of growth your plants are in; germination, vegetative and flowering. The taller your plant grows and the further along the growth phase, will reduce the number of hours your LED lighting needs to supply; typically ranging from 17 hours, to 14 hours, to 11 hours over time.

Safety goggles or glasses are required with LED grow lights

Safety is also a big concern, make sure that you wear protective goggles when your lights are on.

Discounted LED Grow Lights & On Sale

These are 4 of the best 1000w LED grow lights, that are also included in the larger LED grow light store.

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What Differentiates These Inexpensive LED Grow Light Listing Different?

Our list of the best cheap led grow lights for sale online only includes products that are available for sale online, can be delivered to your door, includes real customer reviews made public for you to read on Amazon (we include a link to easily compare the prices on Amazon too) and a detailed product description to review provided by the sellers.Many times a popular cheap led grow lights will have multiple sellers for you to choose; allowing you to source the best price available today, and check out the best grow tent, before you leave.