Compare LED grow lights to buy and watch these videos before you buy

Compare Grow Light and LED Grow Lights For Sale online and through video before you buy.

We are always searching for the best products for growing hydroponically and our guys found some great grow lights to shop and a few informational videos that we thought would be great to share and hopefully help you in your online research.

We love the following comparison video that compares the LED to the HPS grow light.  Which one do you think grows a better tomato? Thanks to an AdvanceLED YouTube channel for sharing these great videos.

AdvanceLED also provides a video describing the difference between names and numbers.  This is well worth your time to review prior to purchasing your grow lights this year.

We also found a couple of other short videos on the AdvanceLED YouTube channel that we wanted to feature and encourage you to jump over and subscribe to their YouTube channel. This short video on the right (we think is the best) shows how quick an LED light system set up is compared to the HID grow light system. This time lapse video says it all!

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