Hydroponic Grow Rooms: The Next Trend in Home Design

Hydroponic Rooms to Be The Next Big Trend in Home Design

What are the 3 trends colliding in 2016 to create the next big trend in home design?

We like to make predictions for the next year and this one seems to be a no brainer. Over the past 12 months, we have witnessed a significant amount of chatter among the media and believe that these 3 factors will collide to become one of the hottest new trends in home design. The world is evolving, yet there are a few fundamentals that are feeding into these predictions.

Our initial indicator that something is about to change was the explosion of interest for reducing carbon footprints a few years ago in regards to how far our food travels before arriving at the grocery. Think about how much lettuce needs to travel from California to Georgia.

This awareness has led to much of our commercial food distribution for lettuce to be rethought. A company based out of Atlanta, has stepped up to the plate and begun to use hydroponics to grow lettuce. Located pretty much in the middle of nowhere south of downtown and east of the Atlanta airport is a hydroponic farm of the future. And yes, it’s legal.

As the company’s founder became a new father in charge of his family’s grocery shopping; he quickly realized that a majority of the food in the local grocery was from other parts of the world and could only imagine how much jet fuel it took to get those products on his local grocery store. Read the article to learn how using LED grow lights helps his company grow all year long in Atlanta.

The second indicator that is fueling our prediction for Hydroponics becoming a big trend in home design is the concern around antibiotics, pesticides and E. coli risks of contamination of our food sources. Vegetables seem to be always in the news and this leads to our prediction that once people understand it really is easy to build a cheap homemade hydroponic system at home. We have some pictures in that link; which leads us to our third factor.

The third factor leading us to believe that “Hydroponic Rooms” will be the next big building trend is that these homemade hydroponic systems are ugly.

Guys, we know you don’t really care about having those deep water culture (DWC) buckets across the patio or even care about locating a grow tent with LED grow lights in a small corner basement to enjoy your own indoor gardening.

Ladies, we believe that you (1) really do care about the aesthetic looks of a hydroponics system, (2) want the benefits of growing and controlling the growth of your vegetables and produce and (3) would love to have a constant supply of only the freshest of vegetables without needing the daily or weekly trip to the grocery store.

These 3 factors lead us to believe that Hydroponic Grow Room are the next trend in home design!


Check out the recent article published by the Washington Post regarding Hydroponics At Home: It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard or Ugly

We rest our case and can’t wait to watch this trend unfold over the next year. By the way, think about all of those home theater rooms that no longer get used; hence a lot of homes have the space already!