Two Very Different Schools Teach The Future In Hydroponics

Two very different schools benefit from hydroponics

We love reading the hydroponic news online and would like to share articles that our visitors may find of some interest – because we love these stories, we want to share the positive impact hydroponics has on the schools across the country.

The first article we love is from Ironwood, Michigan (with a population around 5,400) where local State Police donated hydroponic system equipment and grow lights to the local Ironwood schools. The school hopes to use the equipment to raise their own fruits and vegetables for snacks. Read Entire Article Here

The second article is from Stony Brook University where they report that in late August, a former shipping container made its way onto campus. This container will be the home to grow over 2000 heads of lettuce all grown in water and controlled through a smartphone app. Check out the picture of the container and read more from the Read Entire Article Here